Are you suffering from these debilitating conditions?

Treatment resistant depression

Suicidal Ideations

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Is ketamine infusion therapy for you?

Is it time for you to address your mood disorders with a new approach to treatment and get you on right path?

Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Ketamine for chronic pain is piquing scientist, physician and patient interests.  The inhibition of the NMDA receptors also helps mediate chronic pain.

Spring Center of Hope in Spring Texas offers ketamine infusion therapy for the following conditions.

Suicidal Ideations

There is an urgent need to treat those suffering from suicidal thoughts  and attempts, that result from severe mood disorders.

Depression / Anxiety

The National Institute of Health predicts depression will be the 2nd leading cause of disability in Western nations in the next 20 years.


Post traumatic stress disorder affects many who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives

Chronic Pain

Too many people have not found relief for their chronic neuropathic pain. Now scientists have shown ketamine helps

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Obsessive compulsive disorder involves repeated cycles of obsessions that cause so much anxiety they must be relieved with compulsions, which are actions the person must perform.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition with generalized musculoskeletal pain that can not be explained by any one cause.

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Are you suffering from any of these debilitating conditions?

  • Treatment resistant depression
  • Suicidal Ideations
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Ketamine is a unique medication used for over 50 years in anesthesiology, emergency medicine and the battlefield for its’ anesthetic properties.  It is listed by the World Health Organization as a top 10 essential medication.  In the past couple decades, a remarkable breakthrough occurred.  Ketamine was found to dramatically improve symptoms in up to 73% of patients with treatment resistant depression, suicidal thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.  And, it delivers this relief in hours to days. Ketamine may be a treatment option for certain chronic pain conditions.