NAD+: What is it and is it Right for You?

Chronic pain and progressive diseases can take a heavy toll on your physical health and learning to live with severe pain in your daily life isn’t a path anyone wants to take. Because of the complex ways pain announces itself in our bodies, it can be a tricky symptom to treat. However, new therapies, including NAD+ infusion therapy, are giving sufferers hope that they can take their lives back.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ might sound like a completely new supplement to you, but it’s actually coenzyme that is produced by our bodies to stimulate stem cell production, repair damaged DNA, and regulate stress responses. Made from enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins found in the foods we eat, NAD+ supports metabolic processes in the body by carrying electrons between molecules. But, as we age, the production of of this coenzyme dwindles, making it a valuable supplement to slow the aging process. Studies have also shown it to be a powerful tool in fighting chronic pain and restoring physical health.

NAD+ infusion therapy provides your body with a fresh supply of this important coenzyme. Some of the areas where NAD+ infusions therapy is most potent include: pain management, recovery from alcohol and opioid addiction, soothing an array of mental health disorders including depression and anxiety, and relieving symptoms of insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Is NAD+ Right for You?

If you suffer from chronic pain or a condition that might contribute to it like cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or spine degeneration, NAD+ infusion therapy might be a valuable treatment to consider. When combined with ketamine infusion therapy, NAD+ infusions have been shown to treat pain that other therapies can’t. Patients who have tried these therapies have gone on to enjoy a higher quality of life and better physical health soon after beginning treatment.

If you think infusion therapy sounds like a promising treatment for your chronic pain Spring Center of Hope can provide you with an evaluation and get you back on the path to health today.

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